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Expressive Arts Facilitation operates with a focus on the life-affirming and healing qualities of personal, creative expression. The work is process-focused rather than product-focused, and relies on a multi-modal approach, working with a variety of tools and mediums, such as movement, visual arts, writing, music, and drama exercises.

Engaging in the arts alleviates stress and can work to improve brain function while quieting our minds and keeping us present in the moment

My role as an Expressive Arts Practitioner is to provide the container for your personal exploration and expression; to create a safe, fun-loving atmosphere that encourages people to tap into their deepest selves, and move through the multitude of worlds within.  

Helping to bridge the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind, the benefits of exploring a creative practice are plentiful: a deeper self-awareness, deep processing, relaxation, mindfulness, personal growth, balance, just to name a few.

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