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No previous yoga experience is necessary to enjoy a session!

Sessions typically last between 60 minutes - 2 hours.

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Practice one-on-one with Jaime in a safe and supportive environment. Jaime will work to create a highly-personalized program for you, with compassionate guidance, acceptance and support. 

One-on-one yoga sessions are great for people who are intimidated by group classes, looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, explore their physical practice, and to work towards a balanced, aligned life.  

prayer; hands in prayer

small group

Group sessions are an awesome way to explore, play, and grow in a stimulating, inviting, and fun environment. It allows the group to feel the positive effects of tapping into shared energy. 

Group sessions can be tailored to suit your needs, and work great for a variety of events like birthdays, engagements, and other life celebrations! 

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Incorporating a yoga or movement practice into your corporate team building has so many great benefits: encourages team bonding in a fun and engaging atmosphere, lowers stress levels to increase productivity and morale, and encourages higher job satisfaction.

Corporate yoga sessions do not require any mats, and can even be done from office chairs! Classes can be customized to suit your company's philosophy and the individual needs of your employees. 

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